Sunday, October 23, 2011

6th Week - ( Oct 13 - 23 )

So, life has been really good ! I've done 2 storyboards for my story class so far and I'm really glad that we're finally getting started on this !

The first storyboard assignment was to come up with a 40 panel max storyboard with no camera cuts or movements. It was really challenging because a lot of thoughts and considerations went into the composition of the settings and the overall size and designs of the character and props in order to avoid cropping the character out or limiting the action of the character. And to make it even harder, we can only have one character in it. The hardest part of this assignment for me was the attempt of keeping the size of the character consistent in every panel !

It was the first storyboard and pitch I did at CalArts, so it was really one of the most important moment and day of my life ! And I even got my own retractable pointer from Chong !

I did a capture of every panel for my first storyboard with my iPad using iMotionHD, but the panels are jumping all around so forgive me for not doing a better job at that !! But anyway, here it is ! :)

The next assignment was to come up with a 30 seconds storyboard and again with no camera cuts. The jumping point given was the idea of a mailman trying to deliver a mail but a dog gets in his way. Again I had LOADS of fun with this ! I'll upload the board up here pretty soon, I promise !

Character Design
So for Character design, we were told to design a horse based on Chen Yi's style. If you haven't figured out who Chen Yi is, he's the awesome guy who designed 'Khan' in Mulan. It's a shame I haven't heard of him not till Rik Maki showed us some model sheets he did of Khan. Here's a interview of him by Character Design, check it out cuz it's pretty cool.

So here are the horses that I did !

Rik Maki actually favored this one, which turned out to be my least favorite of all. I even thought of setting this aside not showing this to Rik cuz I thought it was bad. What I've learned so far here is that, sometimes you're just not the best judge of your work and the best thing to do is really showing your work to people around you and get feedbacks. Your crappiest work might turn out to be the winning work that'll get you somewhere, you never know. ( He brought up a good point on how making the man smaller would strengthen the whole piece though )

My classmate, Paula, pointed out that it'd be good to have a ground plane in a drawing like this to tell the relation from character to ground which makes a more solid composition than to have them floating in the air.

This is my favorite of all !

Color & Design

Okay so I have to admit that Color & Design is a real tedious class, but I enjoyed most of my working process. To goal is to come up with a CD cover design based off your thumb print.

So I came up with a whole set of Matryoshka dolls ! It's a Russian Folk Instrumental CD !

The idea behind this concept is based on the Russian Folk Tale, Baba Yaga.
This was done with Gouache on Illustration Boards. I'm starting to love Gouach !

The next assignment was the silhouette project and basically what we were told is to come up with a proposal of a silhouette design that we plan to install on the wall of any part of the school. I picked the main gallery so I had to get a permission from the art school. I filed a request form and on the next day I got a call from the art school informing me on my permission to install my work up on the wall in the main gallery ! It was great news, but then we got a little meeting with Leo, out instructor, and we were told that the deadline will be pushed one week ahead due to the halloween party that'll take place in that same week, and that we were given the choice to either work with the walls, or on a smaller scale project. I chose to stick to the wall but my permission to install my silhouette design in the main gallery was then denied because they had a plan on setting up an exhibition from the art school on the same week the deadline of my silhouette design was pushed to. I was disappointed cuz I was really excited and I was looking forward to this project and I liked my idea. But the good side is that I don't have to work on such a huge scale project anymore, which could save me more time so that I can focus on my other assignments !! So anyway, here's the proposal I did for the Silhouette Project !

Time to hunt for another wall ! Or not !


  1. geebus! classes seems fun!!! ;______; anticipating for the next storyboard and the horses are nicely done!
    haha, hope you get a wall for your wall thing! XD nice one though! ahhhhhhhh yada yada!

  2. Thanks, Teh-O ! I didn't get a space on the wall. I'll work on a smaller scale silhouette cut-out instead ! :)

  3. WOW,the witch story board is really funny!I love it!
    And...can I ask you how long did the story board take you to accomplish?How did you come up with these good ideas?