Friday, January 27, 2012

Film Update !

I just pitched my story to the class again today and a few of my classmates and my story teacher thought that I should lose a portion of the front part and get to the focus of the story right away. The concern was that it is a little too long for a first year film and tackling it might be a little hard.

I'm taking in the advices and I'll leave that front part out for now, but if I'm done with the animation a month before the deadline, which hopefully I will, then I'll proceed with the original opening since I find it purposeful to the story. As for now, everybody seems to be right about getting the important part nailed down first so I'm gonna go ahead and do that, hopefully I'll be able to start animating sometime soon !

Anyway, to show some progress, here are some storyboard panels from my film!

More to come !!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

20th Week (2nd week of Spring Semester)

I've been working on my film's story for almost 2 weeks now and things are finally falling into place. I just finished the rough storyboard and listed the number of scenes and shots I have in my film. As of now, I have a total of 9 scenes and 74 shots and they look doable if I work according to the timetable I've created. I'll try to post something from my film within this week to show some progress.

Anyway, here's a sketch I did in San Francisco over the winter break and then painted over with photoshop today.

Going to bed earlier than usual today so I can wake up early in the morning tomorrow to clean up my storyboard !! Good Night !!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese(Lunar) New Year !!

A painting I did for this year's Chinese(Lunar) New Year !!

It's the year of the dragon !!! MY YEAR !! Woohhooo !!! Chinese(Lunar) New Year is not till 2 days later but I wanted to finish this a day earlier so I can put it online in time for those who are outside of U.S where Chinese New Year is a day ahead !

Good luck, everybody !!! THIS YEAR, No matter who or where you are, just put your best foot forward and miracle will unfold itself !!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

19th Week ( Jan 21) First week of Spring Semester !!

So winter break is over! I'm one week late yes, but I did most of what I planned to do over the break except for sketching twice a week at third street promenade and finishing half of illusion of life! BUT ! I did work on my film, although not a lot, but it was something !

I guess I never did mention here what my first year film is going to be about, but all I'll be saying for now is that it has something to do with clocks! I've always been fascinated by the power of time and now I finally get the chance to do a film about it! Also, since it's my CalArts first year film, I'm super excited! This is the exact moment I've been waiting for ever since I heard about CalArts ! I remember back when I was working on my CalArts portfolio, I was constantly thinking about that one day where I'll be working on my film in my very own cube, the time has finally arrived and I'm gonna strive to deliver my best!

Here's a rough sketch I have for my film's character !

This is going to be fun !!!