Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Clock Sketches, Close-up renders & progress shots.

I didn't come up with a lot of concept sketches for this Christmas short. These are the only sketches I did and then I went on to production directly.

Inside this short film I also included the names of people who inspired me as a person on the post-it notes attached to the presents and also on the name list. Here are some renders with better focuses on them.

Some progress shots and the clock turn-around.

Wireframe mode

Texture & Lights. (31 Lights total)

Animating the hand

Christmas Clock Turn Around.

Have a blessed New Year, everyone !!

Christmas Card Project ( The Christmas Clock )

My Christmas Card Project is finally done !! Except it wasn't done in cut-outs, but Maya !

I've always wanted to do a Christmas short and finally got the chance to do it ! I was greatly inspired by Brian Selznick's book "The Invention Of Hugo Cabret" and I've also always been interested in toy clocks. Thought it would be great to have my own little christmas clock !

Merry Christmas !!! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Weekend before WINTER BREAK

All right ! Winter break officially starts counting from "tomorrow" since it's gonna be the first weekday of break ! And today I'll have to finish up my 12x60 inch gouache painting and start on my christmas card project ! My christmas card project is scheduled to be done on Wednesday and then I'll start archiving all of my first semester's work !

Some pictures to show what I've been working on for the 12x60 inch piece !

These were done in "A2210" aka "The Fishbowl Room", last Monday night together with some of my classmates who were also staying up late to finish their piece !

I'm off to work now, more posts to come !! :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

14th week (FINALS WEEK) Dec 16

It's FINALS WEEK ! But I'm actually already on my last day of class now and my last class would be institute voice where I would have to sing for my final grade!

Everybody in the character animation department has been crazy busy this past week !! Everybody was busy finishing up their color & design assignment and we even pulled an all-nighter on Monday midnight to get that 12x60 inch artwork done !

I'm actually pretty happy with the way it turned out ! I do plan to go over it again over the winter break though, which officially starts TOMORROW !!! I'll upload some pictures of it later in the day for a better explanation on that project ! I'm so excited over it !

Here's the final assignment for the semester for my Character Design class taught by Rik Maki. The goal is to design birds !

I'm really surprised by how much I've learned and improved in Rik's class in only 3 months time ! It's amazing !!!

We also had a Character Animation department party on Thursday night and they had a Mater piñata that looked really hilarious. I had the chance to hit it and since it's my first time doing this, it was pretty awkward. I didn't hit it hard enough because I was blind-folded and I couldn't see anything and people were screaming and I didn't wanna knock somebody's head off their body ! but it was really really fun !

Our class then spent the night off with our story teacher, Chong at IHop and we did caricatures of him on paper napkins. It was an awesome night out ! We headed back to CalArts shortly after that and some of us spent some time in the palace dancing the night away. A few of them went to Mulligans for karaoke after that, but I was too tired and I had to do my laundry so I passed.

Anyway, I'll be going to my institute voice class at 4, and then after that I'll be totally free !! It's gonna be WINTER BREAK for real and I have lots of things that I've planned to do such as:
-FInishing my 12x60 inch piece
-Archiving all of my assignments done in my first semester
-Christmas card (A short film done with cut-outs)
-Refining my storyboard for my first year film
-Concept art for my film
-Sketching at 3rd Street Promenade twice every week
-Finishing half of "Illusion Of Life"
-Spending a week in San Francisco ... ?

I'll be uploading another post later in the day ! Till then !!

13th week

So my brother and his girlfriend came to visit over the last 2 weekends ! I met up with them in Santa Monica and then spent the rest of my weekend with them and it was amazing!

We even got to watch Cirque Du Soleil's "IRIS" at the Kodak Theater and it's definitely a performance that every filmmaker or film student should go see! It's MIND-BLOWING! Iris is about filmmaking in general, but what was special about it was that they took aspects of filmmaking and conceptualized them through performance art and they were done amazingly. Anyway, we went to Universal Studios the next day and I even got an annual pass! I'm planning to go back there as much as I can to sketch people there. It's such an inspiring place !

My brother drove me back to CalArts on Monday night and I showed them around the campus and my dorm room and then he had to leave shortly after. It's been such an amazing 3 days and I felt like I've been spending so much time together with them here. I'm gonna miss them so much :')

Anyway, here's the sculpture that I did for my Color & Design Class. It's my first original sculpture done with sculpey and although it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to at first, I'm happy with the way it is now.

Also, we had to come up with a 12x60 inch piece of artwork for our final Color & Design assignment with "Repetition" as the theme. So I decided to do houses and trees !

Here's what my proposal looks like. It's not 12x60 inch but it's an idea that I have.

This is going do be done on Illustration boards painted with gouache and cut-outs. I've always wanted to do an original piece of artwork with gouache so it's definitely a good time to start !!