Friday, January 27, 2012

Film Update !

I just pitched my story to the class again today and a few of my classmates and my story teacher thought that I should lose a portion of the front part and get to the focus of the story right away. The concern was that it is a little too long for a first year film and tackling it might be a little hard.

I'm taking in the advices and I'll leave that front part out for now, but if I'm done with the animation a month before the deadline, which hopefully I will, then I'll proceed with the original opening since I find it purposeful to the story. As for now, everybody seems to be right about getting the important part nailed down first so I'm gonna go ahead and do that, hopefully I'll be able to start animating sometime soon !

Anyway, to show some progress, here are some storyboard panels from my film!

More to come !!


  1. oh wow! I don't know what your film is about but these look really nice!
    will you have any character sketches?

  2. Hey Ambar, thank you and yes I do have them ! I'll try to post them up here when possible :)