Friday, May 11, 2012

Producers Show 2011 !!!

So the producers show was yesterday (May 9th, 2012) and it was such an amazing event! All the films that were selected to be part of the show were incredibly great and what makes it even cooler is that the venue for the producers show this year was held at the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences down in Beverly Hills!

My film wasn't selected this year but I was a volunteer for the show along with a couple of other first years and two second years. Being a volunteer is actually kinda fun. I was an usher and also a bouncer and it was kinda cool to seat awesome people from the industry. As usher volunteers, me and my friends had to memorize the seating plan instead of holding it in our hands since that would take away the professionalism but the practicing was fun. We had friends pretending to be people from the industry walk into the theater so we could lead them through the correct doorway and we even threw in a little guest complication to add up to the fun! After the films are done being screened, I was a bouncer at one of the entrances and the night was colder than I thought it would be! I was struggling with the cold a little bit but all was good in the end after I'm off duty and back into the building munching on some cookies and meeting people.

Re-watching all of the student films again at the Producers Show made me wanna work twice harder next year! Regardless, I've got no regrets with what I've not achieved this year since I knew I pretty much gave all I can, but there's always a moment where you look back and think, "I should've done this the other way!" or, "I could've done this better!". Yesterday night was that moment, and the good energy that came out of the show was so phenomenal it made me wanna start working on my second year film!!

I managed to talk to some people from the industry although not many since I had to be on duty as a volunteer, but a lot of the people were downright friendly and humble! That's one of my favorite part being at festivals or shows like this or any kind since it's such a perfect time to meet your favorite filmmakers or artists and exchange conversations. Also, I finally got to meet Mario Furmancyzk in person before I left!! If you're wondering who he is, he's a CalArts alum and also the creator of Animatedbuzz forum (that's right) and also an animator at Disney Feature Film!! I did a really brief self-introduction and finally managed to thank him in person. Without Mario's journal and forum, my journey to CalArts would've probably been extended a few years or worst, I might not even make it here, so it was really pleasant and almost dreamlike to see in person somebody who helped mold my dream life.

Anyway, here are some photos from the event yesterday (mostly behind the scenes since I didn't get to walk around a lot while on duty)

Labeling the seats 
Robert and Kyler (First years & Volunteers)
The volunteers of the show!! (Photo credits goes to Maija)
The ushers!
End of the show :(

Well, it's time for me to go to bed now and continue working the momentum!! Looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of my four years here at CalArts!!!


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