Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Break 2012 - Sketches 05

Alright, today's sketches from Burbank!!!

And some environmental pieces from the same area! I was exploring more with angles and these little guys were really fun to do!!

I also went to a bargain bookstore there that I've always wanted to checkout throughly and after stranding myself in there for 2 hours searching for the RIGHT book, I found "Acting: The First Six Lessons" by Richard Boleslavsky and "Shot by Shot: A Practical Guide to Filmmaking" by John Cantine, Susan Howard and Brady Lewis! These two books were mentioned to me by my animation teacher, Matt and a friend of mine Steven, who works in the industry and I consider myself lucky to get them off the shelf at a really cheap price! Can't wait to see what I can get out of these books !!


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