Sunday, December 23, 2012

Evil cockroaches and tooth fairies!

I saw two Guillermo del Toro films today. The first was Mimic(1997), directed by del Toro and it was my first time seeing it. The other one was Don't be Afraid of the Dark(2011) which was co-written and produced by him. I liked both movies but I prefer the cinematography from the latter one; del Toro's obsession toward evil and hideous tooth fairies really shines in this one and it was such a fun movie to watch! I did some camera studies while watching them and it was so much fun. Here are some studies I did on my sketchbook. They're done with black pentel stylo and china markers and then edited in Photoshop.



                                                             Don't be Afraid of the Dark

I'm gonna try to make this a consistent habit. I really do feel that I learn a lot sketching from movies; adding this to my New Year's Resolution!!


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