Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bart Junior!

Our first 2d animation assignment for the fall semester was to come up with a model sheet of a character we see ourselves animating for the semester. These are the few drawings I did of Bart Junior, who is the railroad track operator in my mine film this year. His design isn't final but this is the look I am going for.

 A drawing of Bart operating the track.


I don't have the entire story figured out yet but the gist is that a batch of miner's lives are highly dependent on Bart, who happens to be an unbelievably careless track operator.


Drawing of a Happy Bart.

All these drawings are done with black col-erase on letter-sized paper.

Most of these poses are probably not even gonna end up in the final film but they help a lot in figuring out what kind of a character Bart is. I have so much work to do on the story but figuring it out is my favorite part of the process!