Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Clock Sketches, Close-up renders & progress shots.

I didn't come up with a lot of concept sketches for this Christmas short. These are the only sketches I did and then I went on to production directly.

Inside this short film I also included the names of people who inspired me as a person on the post-it notes attached to the presents and also on the name list. Here are some renders with better focuses on them.

Some progress shots and the clock turn-around.

Wireframe mode

Texture & Lights. (31 Lights total)

Animating the hand

Christmas Clock Turn Around.

Have a blessed New Year, everyone !!

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  1. Hey,Merry Christams(sorry too late)!I love this idea about Christams.You did it in which 3D software and where can I watch this chip?