Friday, December 16, 2011

14th week (FINALS WEEK) Dec 16

It's FINALS WEEK ! But I'm actually already on my last day of class now and my last class would be institute voice where I would have to sing for my final grade!

Everybody in the character animation department has been crazy busy this past week !! Everybody was busy finishing up their color & design assignment and we even pulled an all-nighter on Monday midnight to get that 12x60 inch artwork done !

I'm actually pretty happy with the way it turned out ! I do plan to go over it again over the winter break though, which officially starts TOMORROW !!! I'll upload some pictures of it later in the day for a better explanation on that project ! I'm so excited over it !

Here's the final assignment for the semester for my Character Design class taught by Rik Maki. The goal is to design birds !

I'm really surprised by how much I've learned and improved in Rik's class in only 3 months time ! It's amazing !!!

We also had a Character Animation department party on Thursday night and they had a Mater piñata that looked really hilarious. I had the chance to hit it and since it's my first time doing this, it was pretty awkward. I didn't hit it hard enough because I was blind-folded and I couldn't see anything and people were screaming and I didn't wanna knock somebody's head off their body ! but it was really really fun !

Our class then spent the night off with our story teacher, Chong at IHop and we did caricatures of him on paper napkins. It was an awesome night out ! We headed back to CalArts shortly after that and some of us spent some time in the palace dancing the night away. A few of them went to Mulligans for karaoke after that, but I was too tired and I had to do my laundry so I passed.

Anyway, I'll be going to my institute voice class at 4, and then after that I'll be totally free !! It's gonna be WINTER BREAK for real and I have lots of things that I've planned to do such as:
-FInishing my 12x60 inch piece
-Archiving all of my assignments done in my first semester
-Christmas card (A short film done with cut-outs)
-Refining my storyboard for my first year film
-Concept art for my film
-Sketching at 3rd Street Promenade twice every week
-Finishing half of "Illusion Of Life"
-Spending a week in San Francisco ... ?

I'll be uploading another post later in the day ! Till then !!


  1. yon! you are too awesome!
    teach me how to draw birds :)

  2. Tammy!!!! I went to the natural history museum and drew some birds there and it helped me!! But I will be happy to show you how I did these !!