Sunday, February 19, 2012

Caricature Addiction !!

After the gallery show, I couldn't forget the caricature experience I had that night so I decided to do more of it ! My friend, Nak and Mirae who are both first years in Character Animation did caricatures of our entire classmates for the gallery show and that inspired me to give caricature a serious attempt ! Thanks, you guys ! I couldn't believe how much I've missed out all these years without studying features of people in depth ! It's such a great exercise !! I realized how much more I could have learned in designing characters by learning to observe and capture the most distinctive features of people! Everybody has their very own unique features yet they could be portrayed/drawn in 100 different ways without losing the essence of their character ! Isn't that crazy ?? I'm really having a lot of fun studying all the various shapes and capturing the attitudes of people I'm caricaturing ! It's such a great and rewarding feeling !!!

Here's a caricature of both my friends in Character Animation !



More to come !!



  1. I envy caricature artists. It's such a struggle for me! These are AWESOME though Yon! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thank You, Hannah !! It was a struggle for me before! The gallery show was a breakthrough for me! I'm sure you're gonna be great once you're at it !!

  3. Yon! These are great!

    (psst I want one)

    1. Thanks Colin !! I want one from you in return !!!!

  4. Replies
    1. I will ! I love the one you did of me !!! :D