Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Semester (7th Week) & TEDDY NEWTON !!

I haven't been updating for the past few days due to commitments I've made to my film, but before I move on to talking about my film's progress, I just wanna say that the guest speaker for last Friday was TEDDY NEWTON !!!! If the name, "Teddy Newton" is unfamiliar to you, just look him up here-> http://www.pixartalk.com/pixarians/teddy-newton/

Teddy Newton's work has inspired me on so many levels and just being able to meet him in person is FANTASTIC! He is born a natural entertainer and he's my favorite guest speaker so far! He is funny, entertaining and Teddy is a very very special guy like none other I've met so far! After the talk ended, Teddy Newton signed my Day & Night book and I gave him the caricature I did of him! It was an awkward situation when I handed him the caricature telling him how big I'm a fan of him and his work and I felt really dumb in front of him ! Anyway I didn't manage to really talk to him a lot since there were a lot of other people waiting in line to speak to him :(

Here's the caricature which I drew and later gave to Teddy Newton! I also attached a message I wrote to him to the back of the picture frame made out of black foam cord, which I forgot to tell him! I hope he sees it though!

I remember joining an online competition half a year ago and what I had to do was guess the composer for Teddy Newton's "Day & Night" short. The prize was Teddy Newton's "Day & Night" book autographed by he himself. I sent in my answer and it was correct! Unfortunately there were a lot of people who got the right answers ahead of me so I didn't get the book. I was disappointed of course... However, last week before Teddy's talk on Friday, I had ordered his book, "Day & Night" off amazon on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday just in time for him to sign it right before my eyes. I prefer this so much more than winning the book ! Well I guess if you just wait long enough and keep believing !!!

Teddy Newton will always be one of my greatest inspiration and I cannot wait to see what other amazing things he'll be churning out in the coming years !!

Anyway, a little bit of good news is that I'm done with my rough keys for now, and I'm currently working on my in-betweens and tie-downs. I have never worked on a real 2D animation short that's more than a minute and this whole process can sometimes be really tiring. I have to admit it's a lot of fun though to see your animation come to life on the pencil test machine and it can be really rewarding. The first week I started my animation, I tried going to bed before 12 and waking up at 6 am every morning just so that I can make full use of my production time. It worked really well in the first week of production and then that habit disappeared the following week, and this week it feels like I'm slowly getting back on track again. If I'm gonna try to complete my film in color I need to do better than that for sure, so tonight I'll be retreating to my bed early!!



  1. haha nice caricature! hope he liked it :) and gl with your film, a good nights rest does wonders!

  2. Hi, You must tell Teddy to look on the back of the picture you gave him, he probably won't look on his own. Good luck in your future endeavors. Teddy had a lot of support from his mom growing up, and from his Nana who financed his art school pursuit. I am not surprised by his success, he was a cartoonist from a very early age, he loves cartoons and animation.