Sunday, April 29, 2012

My First Year film at CalArts !!! :)

So the Open Show yesterday was GREAT!!!!

So many AMAZING films turned out as expected to be!!
I didn't get into the producers show this year but being able to finish my first year film and be part of the Open Show is just as gratifying!! Everybody did so great on their films and it makes me feel so glad that I chose to come here to be part of the great legacy learning amongst so many great artists!! The Open show ceremony was great and there were lots of screaming and cheering and it was such a wonderful experience! It was a little bit emotional for me as a first year when the show ended yesterday. It was a line drawn before my eyes reminding me of the end of my first year at CalArts and just thinking of how much I've learned over a year makes me so happy and grateful. We will be welcoming the freshmen next year, and as much as I'll miss being a first year, I also can't wait to step into my second year now!

This might sound a little bit too hasty, but I've thoughts for my second year film already and I'm EXCITED!! My half-baked plan right now is to work on my second year film over the break! I can't wait to see how much I'll learn in my second year and how much farther I'll go!!

Anyway, for now....
As promised a gazillion years ago, here's my first year film at CalArts !!! :D

The Clock Museum

I hope you enjoy the film, and... CONGRATS to all who got into the Producers Show !!!!! :)



  1. I've just watched your first year film which is magical and attractive! I'm so into the whole atmosphere you created through the film! The angle of the film is also great!I love the scene that the girl saw the huge clock when she went into the mysterious room!Fianlly,amazing job!

  2. Cool film man! I can't wait to see more of your work and posts!