Monday, April 9, 2012


Did another illustration!! (click to enlarge)

This was another assignment done for Dan's perspective class. The goal is to draw a staircase and have it move in different directions. I was inspired by the belgium architect, Victor Horta to come up with a slightly whimsical staircase design. If you haven't heard of Victor Horta, he's the father of art nouveau architecture and his designs are absolutely magical! Look him up if you can! I've also recently borrowed a stack of The New Yorker artwork collection from the CalArts library and I found some artists that I really like! Among them are Barney Tobey, Eldon Dedini, Whitney Darrow Jr and many other more! The illustration I just posted above is very much inspired by Barney Tobey and Eldon Dedini's work that I've seen from The New Yorker books!

On the other hand, film is looking good and everything is starting to fall into place now! I'm currently in the cleanup stage and if everything continues to go well, animation should be done by Wednesday and then all that's left to do is compositing!

Have a great day!!


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