Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I did some story sketches that I really like in my gesture drawing class tonight! The model had so many great poses and I had the idea of drawing her as an entomologist! I just wanna say here that Stuart Livingston's gesture drawing class is AMAZING and short poses are really my thing. I've benefited so much from this class I can't wait to see where it'll continue to take me!

Anyway, I have a plan of coming up with a story of an entomologist exploring a deadly jungle somewhere in a land unbeknownst to man; that should also go into my portfolio this year. I was a little antsy on not having much to show for my portfolio this year but things are finally starting to look up!  Here are the sketches that were done with china markers and then painted over in photoshop! ENJOY!

And some 2 minute gestures to go with these drawings!

More to come!! :)



  1. I love your idea of taking your life drawing sketches and turning them into a story! Great work!

  2. These are fantastic, Yon! I'll be taking Stu's class at CDA, too! I can't wait for the class and to see more of your stuff :)

    1. Thanks Donna!! I'm glad you're taking it!! I've been checking out your blog, you're doing such a great job!! Congrats!! :)

  3. I love how there is so much life in your poses. Very inspirational keep it up :)