Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Arrival & A Little Exploration ! ( Sep 3rd - Sep 5th )

Here's a brief update on what happened for the past week.

My family and friends sent me off at the airport on the 3rd, and I remember it being an emotional moment few minutes before I entered the gates. It was hard to say goodbye to them but I saw this moment coming the day I started applying to CalArts. So I hugged them goodbye and entered the gates. I boarded the plane and arrived at LAX on the 3rd at 8pm, and headed right away to a hotel which was about 5 minutes drive away from CalArts. I had 3 awesome nights of stay over there and the room was really good for $99 per night.

Got my Mac set up there so I could keep working on my stuff.

My 3 days of stay over there were spent working on preparations on getting to CalArts, reading mails & gifts left for me by my family and friends and also doing a little bit of exploration around town. The best part has to be on Sep 5th, which was the day I visited CalArts for the first time. It was labor day so nobody was around except for some new or returning students who drove there with all their stuffs to prepare for the move in on the following day. I walked around the campus and it was just like a dream come true ! All along I've only been seeing pictures of it and now I'm finally here ! It's just unbelievable ! I roamed around the empty campus, walked outside where they have this really beautiful green field where you can sit on them and draw. At least that was the first thought that came to my mind. Then I also went to the dorm, but it was locked though, so I couldn't get in. It's pretty neat from the way it looked outside though. I got to peek at the pool and I also saw two students swimming there who said Hi to me. They seem pretty nice. Then I sat down on the field and started drawing part of the building, and I left shortly after that because a bee was buzzing around me.

Gonna give my best here !!!!!

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