Monday, September 12, 2011

( Orientation Week - Day 3 | Sept 8th )

So I've been really busy for the past few days since school started and I have SO MUCH to tell ! Moving back to the orientation week , we had a Film/Video school Facilities Tour on Thursday from 10-11am, and then we had a New Student Orientation for the school of film and video, in which we all gathered at the Bijou theater at 1pm. After a short introduction to the school of film and video, the whole Character Animation BFA-1 students were led to their respective halls for another round of introduction to the major. So we all gathered up in the "Palace". Yeah, that's what it's called. Pretty cool right ? Thought so too when I saw the sign outside the room. Anyway, we got our instructors and faculties of the Character Animation department introduced to us and they are all filled with awesome people. We have Steve Brown and Jon Gomez as our life drawing instructor, Leo J. Hobaica for Color & Design, Dan Hansen the director of Character Animation department at CalArts, Maija burnett the associate director, Martha Baxton the senior administrative director and other cool people as well !

Oh and before I forget, we also got a tour around the animation department from a Character Animation BFA-2 student, Amanda Candler ! The animation department looked really cool and it's just like what I've seen in the photos! The cubes are all over the second and third floor and the coolest thing was that they have little streets they named after some well-known people in the animation industry in almost every aisle in the 2nd and 3rd floor where those cubes are ! There's also a bunch of cubes that are located in a lodge outside at Clark's field ! Here's where there'll be a lot of single cubes left since most of the single cubes in the main building will be occupied by the upperclassmen. I definitely want a single cube of my own so I can work in peace. Not that I want to close myself off people but I really do need a lot of concentration at work. I get distracted really easy so I'm really trying to avoid that !

Anyway it was a cool day and more to come !!

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