Sunday, September 11, 2011

( Orientation Week Day 1 | Sept 6th )


Before the taxi came to pick me up at the hotel at 7.30 am, I spoke to a parent of a CalArts theater student who's a BFA-1, and they happened to be staying in the same hotel for the past few days as well ! We had some really good time chatting while having breakfast, and she was so nice she even offered me a ride to CalArts and asked if I could call off the taxi service ! But I told her I couldn't since the booking was made on the previous night and I thanked her. She was really nice and we talked a little bit more and not long after that my taxi came so I had to leave.

I arrived at CalArts at about 8 am, and the check in starts at 9 am, so I had to wait a little while before I can get my room key and start moving my stuff up.

Everything went pretty smoothly and everyone seemed so nice to each other. It was really exciting to see all the new students loading up the cart with their baggages and carrying them all up to their room. There was a lot of "Hi" and "Byes" when I was walking through the Hallways in the dorm and I even met some familiar people whom I've met on Animatedbuzz before this, so I was pretty much on the lookout for familiar faces haha ! It was pretty cool because on one second, everybody seemed so far away from each other, and then suddenly everyone's all gathered here in one place, so it's pretty amazing !

For new students ! Yeap that's me !!

The RA (Resident Assistant) on duty

Another RA on duty.

Move-in day was pretty chill and it wasn't so much of a hassle like I thought it'd be. They had carts over there which was really wonderful ! After bringing all my stuff up into my room, I just walked around the dorm and the campus, waiting for my roommate Robert to arrive, which he did after a while, and there was the self-introduction thingy and we started unpacking and rearranging stuffs around our room. The room is really pretty good for 2 people, and it really wasn't small at all ! I'll post some pictures of it soon !

So after me and Robert were done with the room, we went to the campus and on our way to the Character Animation department (we were lost), we met some new Character Animation BFA-1 students who knew the way there, and minutes later we met Jamie who's also a Malaysian and who also, surprisingly lived in the same residential area where I lived in. Didn't know that till 3 days later though. Anyways, we all hung out together outside the cafeteria for an hour or two and then we headed to the President's New Student Reception which was held at the Main Gallery. They put on a show from an experimental animation student and it was really cool !!

All in all, it was a great day I had fun meeting new people and we had lots of great talks on movies and the animation industry.

Oh and another cool thing that I discovered was that my RA Ashli, shares a same birthday as I which is on September 6th !!

So it was a really cool birthday !! Although initially, my birthday should've ended a day before since I was born in Malaysia, which is about a day ahead, but oh well. It just feels more "correct" to have all these cool stuff fall on my birthday right ?

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