Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11th week (Nov 21) CTN 2011 !!

Okay, so I was at CTN last Saturday and it was AMAZING !

Meeting all my favorite artists was so surreal ! Even talking to them ! It just didn't occur to me that I'll get to meet so many of them in a single day !

I even got to show my portfolio to Pascal Campion, Lorelay Bove, Bobby Chiu, Kei Acadera, Mark McDonnell, David Colman, Brittney Lee and so many other great artists !! I got lots of feedbacks and comments on ways to improve my work and it was just so inspiring being able to talk to them in person !! I also had the chance to meet new people from the industry and several other art students from art center and other colleges as well ! It was really a very rewarding experience !

The event was really awesome but expensive so I didn't go on the following day ! Waking up the next morning felt so surreal. I woke up feeling like a newborn baby but with more motivation to draw !!

Anyway, I worked on some character designs on the following day after coming back from CTN and wow, I do see a difference in my work now !

Here are some satyr designs I did for Character Design class ! Took a lot of advice I've gotten from the people whom I met at CTN and threw them all into this assignment ! The design process was a lot easier ! Had lots of fun working on them, so here they are !



I also did another piece of the Satyrs, but I'm going over it again after Rik Maki gave me some really good pointers on how to enhance the work ! I'm looking forward to post that up here within the end of this week, so stay tuned !! :)


  1. You have beautiful work. Keep it up :)!

  2. Thank you, Gabby !! Your work is really inspiring ! Looking forward to see more from you !! :)

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  5. Between, your character designs are getting better and better. Now most of them slowly getting their own characteristics! Keep it coming! Loving more of your stuff :)

  6. Hey Julian, Thank you ! I replied your mail ! :)

    Teh-O, thanks !! The classes here are intense ! I'm amazed by how much I've improved since I've gotten here !