Monday, November 28, 2011

12th Week ( Nov 28 )

Here's my character design assignment for the week. We were told to design our own character and pose them according to Roger Radcliffe's poses in his model sheet from 101 Dalmatian ! So it was a really cool assignment !

I came up with designs of 2 mimes since I'm planning on making a film on mime for my first year film. The first design is a homage to the great "Marcel Marceau". :)

I'm still thinking of how to end my mime story in the best possible way now, so hopefully it'll turn out great ! :)


  1. Recent days,I've just found your works and they're amazing.I hope one day I could learn abroad and draw well like you!:D

  2. And I love circus theme!I can't wait to watch your little short film.

  3. Thank You Lucy ! I hope you get the chance to do so, I'm sure you'll be a great artist with endless passion and dedication ! I just pitched 2 stories for my first year film in class today and I won't be working on my mime idea for this year :)