Monday, November 28, 2011

11th Week -Thanksgiving ( Nov 24 )

So Thanksgiving break is over and Aron was nice to have me and Isaac over at his grandparent's place in Ventura to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family ! Everybody was super nice and it was my first thanksgiving so it was a vulnerable experience ! We also took a walk by the beach after dinner since the house is next to the beach. The view was amazing ! Here are some pictures I took with my mobile phone.

Awesome houses by the beach !!

The Pacific Ocean !! :)

The pier that takes forever to walk to.

This is the furthest we were able to walk to. It turned really dark so we had to turn around, but it was fun :)

Being part of the celebration was awesome and I was constantly reminded of my own family on how we would celebrate the moon cake festival together every year, but I missed it this year. Having your family around is the greatest :')

My brother's coming to LA this Thursday with his girlfriend so I'm super excited to meet him ! So, can't wait !! :)


  1. So beautiful!
    And...can I ask you where you come from?
    Coz I celebrate moon cake festival yearly as well!

  2. Hey Lucy, I'm from Malaysia, but since I'm a Chinese, it's part of my tradition :)

  3. I see!Then both of us will celebrate Spring Festival!:P