Friday, November 11, 2011

8-9th Week ( Nov 11 )

Okay, so 2 posts a week didn't quite work. I was really busy last week so I didn't have the time to update this blog, but I'm glad I'm doing stuff I like, except for my critical study class this semester, but whatever. I'm gonna upload some character designs I did over the past week, and I'll upload other stuffs tomorrow.

Character Design

Here are some that I really liked from this assignment :)


60's Girls

Rik suggested that I could maybe make the strippers more athletic to bring up the stripper quality in them, and since the goal of the assignment is to also make the girls look pretty, he said I should draw them prettier too, lol.

Grandma & Little Girl

Monster & Little Girl

Overall it has really been a good and fun assignment to work on. I feel like I'm getting stronger in terms of working around with simple shapes. I'm actually liking where our Character Design class is going right now. In all the designs that we have been doing, we were told to come up with a story behind the characters. Perfectly fit for what I wanna do ! I definitely agree that everything should have a story behind it. There's always a purpose behind a design you do. A well designed character with no story in it is like a peanut shell with no content in it.Or whatever. I don't eat peanuts anyway.

Oh and also, I participated in the 48 hour film event ! The theme was chosen in Keane Street last Friday night at 11:30pm and this year's theme is 'Cactus' ! I heard the theme for last year was 'Coat Hanger' so I'm not sure how it turned out last year, but Cactus sounds like fun and besides, it's a tradition for first year Character Animation Students to participate in it anyway and I wanted to experiment on my first year film's style.

I decided to do the animation in Photoshop and I wrestled with the animation feature in it ! Animating in Photoshop is not my style, but I'm glad I'm done with it ! I did a really short animation and I spent 16 hours in the whole thing. It's really simple but I liked how it turned out, and it's the first short that I've produced in CalArts.

The screening for the 48 hour film is gonna take place in the Bijou theater tomorrow at 10pm ! I can't wait to see all the amazing shorts already ! I've been seeing people working on really cool stuff !

Oh and it's PIXAR day tomorrow !! But I won't be talking about it that much now, I'm just gonna expect a lot from tomorrow !

So yeah, this is it for today !!


  1. YON!
    I found your blog!
    you are too awesome!

  2. Thank You Tammy !! I'm in the presence of awesome people like you guys !!! There must be at least a little bit of awesomeness in me !